TCUL prospects reopening of routes in Cazenga

TCUL prospects reopening of routes in Cazenga

Luanda - The Empresa de Transportes Colectivos Urbanos de Luanda (TCUL-EP) intends to reactivate the traditional routes, in the municipality of Cazenga, in order to facilitate the mobility of citizens to and from other parts of the province.

The intention was expressed by the PCA of TCUL, Catarino César, at the end of a meeting with the administrative authorities of Cazenga and members of the National Association of Taxi Drivers of Angola (ANATA), which analyzed the lack of public buses in the district.

According to the PCA of TCUL, new routes and routes will be created so that buses are in circulation, in a short period of time, to meet the concern presented by the local authorities.

He informed that taking into account the traffic and urban mobility, TCUL will work with the municipal administration to find the best solution and minimize the lack of citizens, with regard to public passenger transport.

Catarino César said there are constraints due to the works in progress on the structuring roads of the municipality, which is why the routes of the traditional routes were removed, but with the support of the administration everything will be done to resume the routes.

The municipal administrator of Cazenga, Tomás Bica, said that the meeting was productive, taking into account that for several years, residents of Cazenga have complained about the need to reopen the TCUL routes, which are based in the municipality.

According to the official, looking at the population's complaints, a visit was made to TCUL to exchange views and expose concerns in order to find a solution to these major problems.

One of the problems, the official continued, is the need to reopen the Cemitério da Mulemba / São Paulo / Mutamba route, still IFA / Mutamba, and to see the constraints that the streets present.

Tomás Bica said that with the completion of the streets of Porto Santos, Sétima Avenida, Condutas de Cima and Terra Vermelha, whose works are in progress, it will be possible for TCUL to carry out other readjustments of the routes to allow greater mobility of citizens.

He said that a technical group was created that includes staff from TCUL and the municipal administration, knowledgeable in traffic and mobility, to carry out preliminary studies of these routes, to create stops and verify the appropriate returns for buses to circulate on these new routes. .

The municipal secretary of the National Association of Taxi Drivers of Angola (ANATA), Jó Feliciano Brigue, praised the administration's initiative for having been invited to participate in the meeting with the TCUL board, a gesture that symbolizes good governance, and they are ready to support and work with the authorities
Source: Angop (9 February 2022)

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